In 1970, this company started with two men and a single rig in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Nearly half a century later, the legacy continues, as we now operate at more than a dozen sites throughout Oklahoma and the Midwest. We are proud that our company supports hundreds of families by providing jobs and quality services in the Oil Well industry.

A company with deep roots in Oklahoma, Ralph Shebester and R.C. Bechtel founded Shebester-Bechtel Well Service in 1970 with one workover rig in Blackwell.  Now led by CEO Brad Bechtel, the company has expanded rapidly over its 40-year history.

The company’s biggest growth spurt began in 1988. In just 10 years, Shebester Bechtel acquired companies in Maysville, Yukon, Enid and Cushing. Today, Shebester Bechtel’s holdings include operations in southern Kansas and Texas.

Throughout its history, the company has stressed safety and customer service among the more than 250 people it employs. Bechtel credits his employees with the company’s success.

“Our employees are dedicated to meeting our customers’ every need,” Bechtel said. “Our goal is to provide a well-maintained rig fleet and the best customer service in the business, and our customers will tell you that’s what we deliver. That’s the reason for our success.”

Bechtel’s laser-like focus on those priorities has grown Shebester Bechtel into the company it is today – a best-in-class well servicing company operating more than 50 workover rigs in Oklahoma and beyond.

With a lengthy record of success in its past and no sign of slowing down, Shebester-Bechtel will continue to be a vital part of the well service business in Oklahoma for generations to come.